Sacred Sound

Sound healing is a beautiful, direct way of receiving healing energy into your body.

While being held in a field of grace & unconditional love, you receive that which you need the most,

to support your healing journey and bring renewed energy into your systems.

Sound healing works deeply,

affecting your body on a physical, emotional & etherical level,

bringing release & relaxation, revitalising your energy.

There are different ways you can experience sound healing with me:

Sacred Sound (one-on-one sessions), by attending a sound healing concert

or a Reconnection workshop. Another option is to join in a live group session.

              For contacting me or more information on these different options, scroll down this page!

On the planning page you'll find concerts, workshops or circles as soon as they are planned...

You can also reach out to me and book them to be held within your own practice or organisation!

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Sound healing concert

Experiencing a sound healing concert

is choosing for deep relaxation & healing!


The different sounds & overtones

bring healing energy in your system.

Your body & energy field absorb

what they need to get back to balance... 

In this way, tension can release, sorrow can be healed,

a deep feeling of peace, joy and empowerment can develop.

You will feel more connection to yourself and your surroundings.

Also personal intentions are welcome, bring them in your heart.

You can receive liberation, inspiration,...or healing for this.

I use different instruments, like a gong, an oceandrum,

a shruti box, rattles & singing bowls,

but also my voice & wonderfully relaxing incense...

You don't need much to enjoy a sound concert:

a thick & soft matras, a warm blanket & a good pillow

Groups are usually not very big,

so there's a cozy, warm atmosphere. 

You can also request to host a concert in a location of your choice,

even your home. You can invite your friends, family or clients. 

The base price for this is 50E, adding 5E per person participating,

children below 12 are free of charge.

From 10 people on, there's a group rate.


At the overview pages you can find planned sound healing concerts! 

Above the Clouds

One-on-one sessions

In a Sacred Sound session

you will receive sound healing

attuned especially 

to your Soul & energy field

It will support your healing journey

working directly & deeply 

on different levels of your being

Afterwards you will receive 

a recording of this Song

so it can continue to support you

as long as needed...

This work can be done live or online, 

feel free to reach out 

& book a session!

55E all-in


Tropical Leaves

Reconnection workshop

This workshop is meant as a moment

to dive deep into your own healing work.

Each participant comes with their own, specific intention & will be held in a healing field.

Usually it is a three hour program,

with a 90 minute sound healing concert

followed by a deep integration,

in which you'll receive personal healing support. After a tea break, we'll end with a Sacred Sound Circle. 

In the full day program, we will start with

a trancedance, followed by the sound healing concert

& deep integration. 

After lunch we'll dive into art work to express aspects connected to your healing journey.

You can also spend some time in nature now...

During this creative time, you will have the opportunity for an individual healing moment with me.  

Enjoying our tea break as a moment to exchange experiences, we will end the day

with a Sacred Sound Circle.

Marble Surface

A Sacred Sound Circle

   In this live group session,  you will                  experience the power of group tuning.

Free your heart, by letting your voice sing!

We will work with opening ourselves up

for receiving healing energy,

channeled through sound

& taking time to integrate this

deeply, gratefully

and joyfully ❤️