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Community Coaching


Co-creating a regenerative culture

living our lives as sovereign beings while

becoming stewards of this beautiful earth

so we can thrive in loving prosperity

for all the generations to come!

We are on a collective journey, reinventing ourselves and our world

Reconnecting with our loving nature, we can co-create a new way of being,

of living & working together, sharing a planet of abundance & joy!

This means looking at our interactions in a more holistic & regenerative way.

Recalibrate our values and find different ways of organising & governing.


Ever since I was a teenager, I knew the current way of living together isn't sustainable in the long run!   I travelled to many foreign countries, experiencing different cultures & learning about community.  

Exploring community life in Belgium, starting up an écovillage project in France, supporting developing groups & learning about regenerative community building, combined with my skills as a social worker,    has given me a solid base to provide coaching in community group processes & project management.

Feel free to contact me and explore how I can be of service to your group! 

Tropical Leaves

Process counseling & coaching

This can take the shape of one or a few sessions,

where you can receive information, counseling & tools

or a coaching trajectory, aimed at a certain outcome, involving the whole group or a subgroup of your community.

Counseling can be done in it's entirety online

whereas coaching will require also live-sessions.

The first exploration session is free of charge.

If we decide to work together, we'll make agreements

& plan the first session or the trajectory.

Things that can be part of the process is

group sessions around the current issues,

like stuck conversations, unbalanced energies, group safety, unclear goals or organisation issues.

Learning practices to make group communication more aligned and easy, creating safe space, enhancing social cohesion & team building.


Connecting more to the land, working with spiritual guidance, designing ceremonie or celebrations, exploring & implementing certain practices,...

The price of a session is 70E (+ travel costs)

Marble Surface

Project Management

This is a more extensive involvement,

where you'll receive support for managing your project

in a more holistic, regenerative way.

I offer you support on all levels of co-creating, organising & developing your project, both practical and spiritual.

This is a more long-term exchange,

with both live & online sessions,

adjusted to the pace of the project.

Our introduction is a free session,

the first exploration requires more time

and has a fixed price of 40E.

What can you expect?

Work with safe space & non violent communication.

Receive blueprints of organisation & governing.

Learn about designing a peaceful community & transformational leadership.

Implement regenerative practices.

Get tools for evaluation & course correcting.

Gain insight on co-creational processes, spiritual guidance, networking & attracting your audience.


Once we are working together,

a session will be 80E (+ travel costs)

I am also open to exchanging in various ways!

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