Getting to know me a little more...

My name is Joyce, 46 years young

and enjoying the path of healing & sound!

I've always made my way, deciding upon intuition and curiosity.

I travelled long and far, to beautiful countries and fascinating cultures. Afterwards, I had challenging but interesting jobs as a social worker, often with youngsters or families in distress.  


Enjoying movement and sound, I became a trancedance-facilitator

in my early thirties; followed by a three-year course to become a shamanic (sound)healer. After this, I developed a practice in hosting trancedances and giving sound healing concerts.

And continued to learn about shamanic practices, for example

I took a one-year training in the Medicine Wheel.

I feel very blessed with my amazing teachers at Anamcara! 



I try to live in the NOW, living in trust and in tune with the world around me. 

My nature is dynamic, creative and social. I follow that which is pure, 

trusting my inner guidance and working from essence as much as possible! 



 Supporting people in finding their own way,

coming closer to themselves,

finding more balance

receiving healing

and in this way become

more and more who they really are!

For as long as I can remember I've been holding space

for people engaged in these processes...


In 2017 I finished a training as Breathwork Practioner, a strong method to release old trauma-blocks, getting the energy flowing again so healing can take place on a very profound level!  

After this, in 2018, I received an education in Reiki I and II,

a way to bring direct healing & new movement in your energy body.

I started remote work, discovering the many possibilities and the deep, profound effect.

I channel healing energy, in different forms: light, energy, sound, shamanic medicine, meditations,... Attuning myself to what is needed in the moment & my spiritual guides assist me.


                         The nature of my work is pure & simple, aimed at essence.

                                   I developed a skill set that fits me perfectly.

At the same time as Covid came, my life changed completely: my job ended,

I stepped out of my relationship and went into co-housing. 

However, the écovillage project Pierrefitte we will continue to co-create together. 

At the bottom of my home page you can find more information about this! 

My spiritual development took a leap, raising my awareness & frequency,

exploring multi-dimensionality and preparing to step into Galactic Citizenship.

I also became initiated in Earth healing.

Deepening my connections, life's mission made itself be heard loud & clear!

From a deep sense of loving service, I offer healing, guidance & support in this rapidly evolving world, also for teenagers!

So you can embrace yourself more fully, reconnect to the Universe & learn to navigate the new energy arising on Earth.

To support the process of awakening, raising your frequency & walk in sovereign mastery, in service of your Soul's mission! 

To fulfill my role as project manager for this project in France,

I've attended several courses over the past years, 

for example, with 8Shields: Regenerative Community Building,

Designing for Peace and the Village Building Course.

With GAIA Education I participated in the Ecovillage Design Education

and in the Designer in Social Sustainability course.

In the summer of 2021 I decided to take myself one step further 

and to go and experience life in community first hand.

I went to Italy and lived for a while in the big community of Damanhur, 

a beautiful and spiritual place at the feet of the mountains

close to France & Switzerland. I became part of a group of creatives

that will develop an ecovillage project in collaboration with Damanhur. 


This is Ronan, my amazing friend and loving teacher...with never ending energy and enthusiasm! A fox-terrier if ever there was one  ❤️